Re: Similarities: KoDP & Genghis Khan II

From: olmi <olmi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 12:59:03 +0300

> >Somehow here In Finland the KoDP was not reviewed in our main
> >games magazine (Pelit) at all, and it is big miss on Finland's
> The hell are you talking about? KoDP not reviewed by Pelit? It sure
> was reviewed, but I'm not sure in what number. I decided to buy the
> game immeaditly after reading the article.

Thank you for correcting my misinformation. It was indeed reviewed in both magazines (Pelit and Mikrobitti) with very good rating.

I missed the MikroBitti review, maybe because it was published as late as April issue (as said Pelit did it on january). That left me with impression, that another magazine of those two did not review it at all.

My humble apologies!

Timi Hagelberg
Helsinki, Finland

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