Re: Re: Similarities: KoDP & Genghis Khan II

From: olmi <olmi_at_...>
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 16:08:17 +0300

> wrote: > > KOEI was the undisputed champion of strategy games
> according to many fans. > The countless hours I spent on Romance of
> the Three Kingdoms surpasses both > KODP and the Civilization series.
> Now to be fair, KODP was much smaller in > scope (a few scattered
> villages) instead of a huge country and the tactical combat is
> non-existent.
> Obvious similarities exist. But while KoDP looks like a complete
> rethinking of the KOEI products, with the goal of producing a deeper,
> fuller RPG experience.

In which it succeeded magnificently, I think.

I have been wondering, what this gametype would be called, because in the end I have not seen any game like this (except the little deja-vu's mentioned). It contains strategy, RPG, creamed with adventurish storyline. I hope that this game starts a new genre, but I'm not patient enough to wait. If there were many games like this, I would not have time at all for real life... :-)

Timi Hagelberg
Helsinki, Finland

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