Re: pigs; starvation

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2000 07:50:58 -0800


> I find the notion of *pigs* being appealing to be appalling.

Pigs were the unofficial mascot of the project...

David (who used to enjoy the Freddy the Pig detective stories as a kid)


> Okay I thought I was doing fine, completed all HQs, in a powerful tribe, a
> powerful clan lord, all temples max-ed out and things were peachy until...
> I can't grow enough food. It seemed to start with a drought, which I fixed
> (a little late) with the correct quest. I have LOTS of magic toys, some of
> which should help the harvest but they don't seem to do much. The harvest is
> generally good or better and I'm not upsetting the three grain goddesses. I
> don't generally have enough farmers to bring in the harvest.

Are your farmers wounded or sick all the time?

> I do seem to have more children than adults and this may be the cause of the
> problem.

What's your total population size?

> Any suggestions? I've tried the Ernalda feeds the tribe but that didn't do
> the trick.

This quest is actually easier if your food is low, though it doesn't directly give you food.

You've tried buying food or calling on your tribe mates for favors?

> Any chance this is a famine that I can solve by a HQ?

You didn't fail any heroquests or pick up any fertility-related curses, did you?

> Oddly enough KoDP went all 'weird' on me around the start of this famine
> (I've got screencaptures of the error messages). Any chance I can blame this
> famine on the bug?

Did you send those to us already?

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