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> I still played Long / Easy Game. My first Version Game is 1.3 but after
> updated to 1.5 version,
> I kept Savings of Previous 1.3 version Data, and continued from these Data.

I remember one bug that would not be fixed by upgrading,

> Maybe we can conquer All Orlanthi with our tribal military force not
> corporation

Remember the first rule of the Orlanthi: "No one can make you do anything." You can't become King purely by force.

> I cannot still find the breakthrough to Ending Game. (Maybe, I should wait
> until the year of
> Sartar will wed to FHQ in "Official" history, but.....I fear waiting to
> Official Modern Glorantha...1621)

You do not have to win in a specific year.

> I once saw Event of Tribal War Mission, but failed to make Contract of
> between Two Tribal Mission. (I taught about making City to other Four Kings,
> but they foolishly refused. And they continue Internal Quarrel.)

If you were playing this under version 1.3, there was a bug that might have prevented you from having another chance to win the game. Although this bug was fixed in version 1.4, if you had already played past the squabbling kings with 1.3, you would not be able to win the game.

> I once saw Unhappy End with Another Guy became King of Dragonpass wedding to
> FHQ, but that is 1383. That
> Ending Condition is Bad.

It's called losing... But you were on the right track, for a while at least.

> And I found One Computer Bug, in Year of 1461, number of my herd of pigs
> from circa 30000 to abruptly
> minus (!) 30000.

Oops. We'll have to fix that.

> My Latest Tribal King (Name is Temartain (What a Bad Name!) ) was invited
> from Dragonewt Emissary and once went with them, came back, if this Event
> linked to True Ending, I don't want to quit him and restart.

This event is not part of the road to victory.

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