Re: guidance on Heroquests

From: Drew Patterson <kaliyama_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 19:46:13 -0800

James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey wrote:

> Is this simply "the flow of the game", and we should concentrate on
> improving our position still further while waiting for events to bring us a
> better leader(s)? Are we not paying enough attention to purchasing Magic
> Items? The latter has tended to be lower on our list of Things To Do, in
> part because of the tiny number of leaders able to both trade and escort a
> trade mission.

Personally, I get the most perverse glee from a game driving all of my enemies into a tula on the swamplands through superior weaponthanes. Humakti are fun for me, especially when they get rather old and start becoming expendable-they'll throw themselves without abandon into any combat situation. :)


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