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From: James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey <jscm_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 18:49:29 -0500

>Son of More spoilers ahead.

> Don't feel incompetent at all! The way it's set up, KoDP has
>a steep learning curve - learning the seasons, learning where (and how
>and when) to explore, learning which deities are worth worshipping,
>learning how to give proper answers to Orlanthi problems - I STILL
>tend to give women the choice of whom they marry, despite the fact
>that even they seem to despise me for it. Oh, well.

8) We've managed to get our heads around many things - but we haven't gotten to taking thralls yet. Also, at one point, Corinne got sick of pounding on the Whipping-Boy Clan, and insisted we make peace. Those were, however, our ancestral enemies... and after a pointed visit from our ancestors, we concluded maybe we'd better go thump the Ancient Enemy some more. 8)

> Say, just a thought, but you ARE aware that even just knowing
>the details of the legend, you're supposed to actually follow

Yup, we picked up on that one. 8)

> >Ah-ha! One of the things we have -no- feel for yet is how hard or easy
> >the various quests are.
> Hmm, let's see: in my experience:
>Lhankor Mhy Finds the Truth: Easy if you have a strong fighter to
>bring with you; moderate if you have to ask the gods for help. Pretty
>much anybody can succeed at this one with a good enough fighter
>(renowned+) backing them up.

We've now seen the bootstrap this can provide - pretty impressive.

Thank you for the other notes!!

>Humakt: Difficult. There's so much to deal with here - you need a
>high combat and a high leadership to deal with Orlanth (and the
>undead!) so much. A high leadership also helps at the beginning to
>get the sword from Eurmal - I especially love doing it by asking him
>politely, because it's just so funny to see him think it through. <g>

We'll have to try this if we get the chance. 8)

> >> Making a tribe doesn't require you to have a good leader ...
> >
> >We caught on to the "don't have to be king right away" bit; the "snowball's
> >chance" referred to the Storm Tribe heroquest.
> Oh, I see. You don't need to send an Orlanthi; just someone
>with high combat and leadership. And actually, leadership isn't too
>important; if you wait for Ernalda to bring the regalia (this is
>recommended anyways, as I've never seen it fail and it's what the
>legend suggests) all you really need to do is lead the battle.

Actually, we didn't have *anybody* with a chance at the time. However, Orlanth's Rattle and the Lankor My HQ seemed to pay off in spades - we got a really talented batch of youngsters a bit later.

> >> You really don't need to send a good fighter/bargainer - just
> >>a bargainer will do. Just send 30 warriors with him, and try not to
> >>do it in the spring or fall - nobody has ever touched me when I sent 1
> >>weaponthane and 30 warriors. It also doesn't get the weaponthanes off
> >>patrols. I could probably send a lot fewer and still not get
> >>attacked, but I've never tested it.
> >
> >We hadn't tried that tactic... after all, "Fire" season is "Raid" season,
> >so we've always raided out pet whipping-clan. Time to give it a shot!
> I prefer to raid during Storm season - and even then, I prefer
>not to raid very often, say once every 2-3 years, just to make sure I
>don't lose my edge. Raiding your neighbours builds up a lot of bad
>feelings for when you want to build a tribe. Raiding them too much
>means they move away. I don't really want more land, as I'm
>struggling to keep the population I have now; I'm more interested in
>strong, friendly neighbours.
> But different people have different strategies, and this is
>also how I play a lot of other games. <g>

So far, we've tended to spend the first year getting affairs in order - mostly building defences and shrines, sending out explorations of the Tula, and setting up trade links. Then we try to make peace with everybody but the Ancient Enemy. By beating up on the Ancient Enemy a lot, eventually they are easy to beat - which means we can slack off on the raids, but still be likely to win raids we want or have to make.

> >A related question: we had the Raven Banner once, and eventually traded it
> >away. Call us cowards (and any good Humakti will 8) but we wanted to know
> >in advance whose life we were going to throw away. It's the rare battle
> >that's worth the life of your finest warleader; but I think we might have
> >been willing to sacrifice a generic weaponthane every now and then. (How
> >callous.... 8)
> As far as I'm aware, you lose a single warrior (carl or
>cottar), not a weaponthane or noble. I don't mind the Raven Banner as
>much as the ones that can disappear after use, such as the Burning

OK. We'll have to be less cowardly next time. 8)

James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey

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