RE: Re: guidance on Heroquests

From: Grawe, Philipp <pgrawe_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 09:32:48 +1100

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> From: Bryan Thexton [mailto:bethexton_at_...]
> > None are easy -- there is always the chance of
> > failure. I believe
> > Elmal and Uralda are the hardest.
> This may vary depending on the sort of clan you play
> and whatnot. Personally I find the Orlanth and Aroka
> to consistently be the highest risk quest. Possibly
> because I seldom have Orlanth as our chief god, so end
> up with less Orlanth worshippers, so have lower
> chances of having a good quester handy.

Definately, being an Elmali tribe makes the Elmal quest significantly easier but Orlanth vs Aroka fails more often, whereas when I played an Orlanthi tribe, Orlanth vs Aroka was easy-peasy and Elmal guards the Tribe failed much more often.


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