Re: disappearing treasures/regalia; sheep; Raven Banner

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 10:10:22 -0800


>Definite spoiler:
>I remember at least once, when I had high magic (and, I think, Odayla's
>Tracking blessing), I performed a divination which responded 'at least
>n people will die if you try to get it back'. I sent out a party, and sure
>but I got my treasure (or was it clan regalia?) back.

Yup, sometimes divinations are correct :-)

James and Corinne

>So many blessing, so few sheep.... ;-)

I've never run out of sheep in a game I've won. Yes, blessings are good, but you don't need to have every temple built to win the game.

(I know nobody believes this...)


>What I don't understand is what the regalia are, and what they do, if
>they're not treasures. Will you lose status if you don't get them back?
>Magic? Your ancestors will be displeased? What?

They are various venerated objects. Could be actual items owned by the clan founder, magic items no one remembers how to use, things of historic value (the door-pillars from the first clan hall), etc. Or just items that bring a little luck (note that clan magic goes down when the regalia is lost).

Bryan on Humakt's Raven Banner:

>I think it may hit your weaponthane morale too.

You can only ask for so many volunteers for suicide missions...

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