Re: [Re: Absent minded god-talkers?]

From: Peter Mcaveney <pmcaveney_at_...>
Date: 26 Jan 2001 13:48:40 EST

James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey <jscm_at_...> wrote:
> A Glorantha-clueless question: the obvious cognate of "god-talker" is
"priest". Is the exclusive implication of this correct? Are god-talkers special people, or are all the worshippers of a given god god-talkers for that god?

Priest is a well-defined category in Runequest and Hero Wars, but not in the game. I'd guess that all the 'god-talkers' are either priests or the assistants called acolytes in the other games.

Under tabletop rules a temple is always staffed by at least one priest, while shrines and such might be run by lay folks. KoDP ignored this requirement.

> Are our ring members god-talkers?

Maybe. Some. Possibly all, if you have an exceptional ring.

I'd be surprised if a clan had no priests. On the other hand, I'd also be surprised if they had a complete set. Worship of some gods is probably led by lay people. Anyone with a high magic rating is probably an official god-talker.

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