Re: Grooming leaders, sorcerous implements

From: Roland Volz <incarnadine37_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 22:38:18 -0500

Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...> wrote:

> > Is there any way to encourage leaders of specific cults?
> No, because people are called to the gods, not the
> other way around.

This makes perfect sense. It is also intensely frustating. Ah well...

> you don't really *need* people from any given cult.

I know that. But there are certain things I've had to do the same way each time I've played. I'd like to see what happens when I do it differently.

> Why the fixation on Humakti?

That was one example from a game I played where the undead seemed to have a special fixation on my poor, abused people. And the Humakti claimed that we weren't good people. That's the last time I gift *them* before they cleanse my tula...

> > (Who the heck does the
> > High Holy
> > Day ceremonies? Joe Blow the Orlanthi guard, back
> > from guarding the
> > Landing Room in
> > the Orlanth temple?)
> Remember, you only see the clan nobles. There are
> hundreds of other people. some of the thanes are
> probably humakti.

I know. I was making a reference to a story 'A Hard Landing' by Michael O'Brien in Tales of the Reaching Moon issue 10.

> As far as I can tell, usually [the sorcerous implements] sit there and
> hum, doing nothing. Once, after years of bad luck, I did a divination and
> discovered they were cursed. Darned hard they were to get rid
> of....finally had to do the Issaries heroquest and give it to the Digging
> Sticks People (and they wonder why their life is so hard!).

I found out that they were cursed almost right away. (I have a Heroic Issaries Bargainer. How hard can it be for her to form a trade route with a very friendly clan, to whom many gifts were given, when we only had two trade routes and a minor temple to Issaries? I failed five years in a row...) Divination revealed the curse. I'm curious if you can use the implements in any other way during the game. One man's curse is another man's blessing. Wonder if Sir Ethilrist would take them...


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