Re: Re: Grooming leaders, sorcerous implements

From: James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey <jscm_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 12:53:28 -0500

>I found out that they were cursed almost right away. (I have a Heroic
>Issaries Bargainer. How hard can it be for her to form a trade route with a
>very friendly clan, to whom many gifts were given, when we only had two
>trade routes and a minor temple to Issaries? I failed five years in a
>row...) Divination revealed the curse. I'm curious if you can use the
>implements in any other way during the game. One man's curse is another
>man's blessing. Wonder if Sir Ethilrist would take them...

Don't know if it's an option (never had them), but...


James Sterrett & Corinne Mahaffey

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