Re: starting actions

From: Kaj Sotala <Tspro_at_...>
Date: Thu, 1 Feb 2001 18:45:09 +0200

>How do people tend to open the game to get into a strong position?

In order:

Transfer all available farmers into crafters. Reorganize the clan ring, and pick a "chosen one" (somebody who is young and has high skills, to be *really* beefed up with heroquesting). Adopt more people to the clan, several times. Recruit more weaponthanes. Perform the Ernalda heroquest to prevent starving. Get some mysteries and built those temples. Do some exploring of your own tula. Build forticfations. Start pumping up the chosen one.

And as for the ducks, either make peace or demand 50 food. Usually peace.

After that, I'll be heroquesting, exploring, raiding, and adopting more people to the clan. Sometimes just pushing the "next season" wheel when there is nothing better to do.

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