Kallyr (was Re: Re: Games Domain)

From: Jeff <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 01:28:24 -0000

> Speaking of Kallyr -- what is she good for? She's a damn fine
> warrior and magician, but is there a specific thingee she's supposed
> to be used for? It hasn't come up in any of my games; she sort of
> hangs around, being all kickass and worthwhile, but not, you know,
> super Heroic-Destinatious. Am I missing something?
> Paul E.

Kallyr is.. um... one of the three long term story threads. The others are Tagdart the terribly unlucky and the Robsart Horse feud (I don't think the merchant feud qualifies)

Kallyr is not essential, but my WORD does she rack up experience quickly. Send her off on the Elmal or LM heroquests and she gets deadly with amazing speed.

But other than periodically asking to go on adventures and eventually going to the south and getting crushed like a grape (in my experience) she's not essential -- but she's the most useful hero your clan can have. Cherish her while you have her for her flame burns bright and fast.


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