Re: Digest Number 294

From: David Short <David.short_at_...>
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 09:12:28 -0400

>Right, after getting the clue to plant more wheat during typical or
>better harvests (thanks to this board), I'm off to a rousing start, a
>start that's too good really.
>I start growing the clan too large (over 1000 people) and regardless
>if I have 2000+ food and well over 200 lots worth of excess
>wilderness in land, the people complain there is not enough
>land/food. Is this some bug where they willy nilly pick some excuse
>to try and split the clan (it always seems to happen during the fire
>season after they plant but before they harvest , grrrr) or is it
>some built in valve to focably keep the clan small?

Valve. Not bug. I believe the explanation is that with 1000 people everybody feels represented on the ring, with more than that people don't feel represented. Splitting your clan is not a bad thing.

>My basic problem is that I'm all for keeping the clan small during
>the first 10-15 years while I'm pre-tribal but somehow I'm drawing in
>too many people.

There is a vingan(?) blessing that will decrease the number of children and increase the number of fighters in you clan. It's not called woman's lib, but that's the effect.

>Any general guidelines on keeping the clan size stable at about 800?
>I'll try and lay off the signing of new cotters but the ring keeps
>saying we need more farmers =)

Give away extra grain as gifts. Use the blessing above. The ring will say that based on current conditions. It sounds like you have plenty of people, but not enough people farming. What are they doing? If you've sent out an exploration patrol with 30 footmen that's 30 less hands in the fields. Same with trade delegations and diplomats. People who are injured or sick are not in the fields. It might make sense to heal/cure your people or be less aggressive with the delegations before you bring in more people.

Likewise crafters and hunters are not farming. 12 crafters are plenty for the first year and the number of hunters you can support will depend on the size of your tracts of lands.


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