Re: re: starvation

From: j.hyde_at_...
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 00:23:54 -0000


> > Uh, I assume you mean "Elmal's heroquest"??? Eurmal
> > is the trickster, Elmal the god of sun and horses.
> > Elmal has a quest, Eurmal doesn't.
> Since he was worried about starvation, I thought he meant Ernalda,
> in "Ernalda Feeds the Tribe."

opps my bad. file that one under the same state of mind that left out the subject line the first time around. =)

I did indeed mean elmal. I take it his quest and uralda's 'let the wolves kill my noble' are the tougher quests in the game. It's uncommon to have trouble with the forming of the storm tribe quest and even when I do fail, it rarely results in death unless I try to lead the storm tribe in the final fight.

elmal's quest is a nightmare. Even with the secrets and 2 points towards quests, helpers and one of those rare elmal followers I died horrid horrid deaths the 5 or so times I've tried it so far. If I grab a noble with high (reknown+) magic, they die right off the bat before they can get to mr. lies. If I grab a noble with high combat, the teller of lies kills me, If I had a noble with high magic AND combat, I doubt I'd throw them away on Elmal's quest as I'd do the making of the storm quest to get their leadership up and grab a new clan leader =)


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