Re: Re: Bad King Ugrain; etc.

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 08:58:39 -0700 (PDT)

> The hard game is probably too hard (I never had time
> to win it
> myself), so congratulations!

*LMAO* Dave, that is hilarious. Actually, my only complaint about the game is that there tends to be a long lull in the long game near the end. You get your 7 heroquests under your belt, and become King. Then you more or less just wait for the ending. Normally by then your clan is pretty secure, so there is not the thrill of desperation. It is more or less "just don't screw it up too badly." And this is with max magic poured into destiny.

It probably helps if you become tribal king early on, so that you can put an extra point of destiny magic in each year starting earlier.

Besides the large amount of play time it takes to get from "woohoo, we've got the king baby!" to "hey sweetie, I love those feathers," there is the small emotional factor of old kings. Often you get someone made king in their prime, maybe their 40s. By the time they meet the feathered horse queen (or luminous stallion king, as has happened in the two long games that I've completed) they are getting fairly decrepid.  In the series of games that I'm slowly grinding through the lull right now I've made an effort to get through a young king (questing to improve their leadership when they were mere pups). All the same, they won't exactly be boyish at the end.

I'd be inclined to play the short game, but you still get a bit of a lull over those ten years of kingship, but without the super-cool ending scenes.

Not a major issue, but one that tends to dampen my enthusiasm a little each time I play through it.

I guess I could have wished for some opportunity to speed up destiny more somehow.


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