Thoughts for v1.7

From: Joshua Mosher <joshua.mosher_at_...>
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 11:59:05 -0400

> > So here's my question: what counts as a narrow or wide benefit on the
> > Issaries quest? Is there a particular choice you are mythically
>> supposed to pick on this occasion of the founding of the town?
>There are four choices that are, in this context at least, considered
>wide. I'm not exactly sure what the logic is -- it's obvious that
>strengthening your quester is a narrow benefit.

David, should you ever get to revision 1.7, I wonder if these choices could be re-ordered so that broad benefts are at the top and narrow at the bottom. I had previously assumed they were, since quester strengthening tends to be the last choice. It would help in understanding more of the significance of the your choice. Either that or have your advisors tell you something about the different choices (that would be neat in general!).

And while I am talking about revisions, I have another suggestion. When you are selecting a hero for an action, the default category should always be the primary one in question. The worst exception to this rule is the selection of companions for the Issaries or Lankor Mhy quests. The screen defaults to Combat, even though the first choice is for the hero representing Lankor Mhy or Issaries, respectively. I was sweating through one quest with my warleader playing the role of Lankor Mhy because I had been a little too quick on the draw! And would it be too violent an abuse of mimesis to be able to back out of a choice if you realized you just clicked on the wrong noble?

Joshua Mosher

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