Re: game winnable without the Silver Dragon?

From: Bender the Robot <bendertherobot_at_...>
Date: Sun, 8 Jul 2001 13:11:20 -0400

David Dunham writes:
>No treasure is required to win the game.

>The most useful treasure for the end game is probably the Motion Rune

>Convincing the kings to make peace is easier if you have a lot of
>peace clans in your tribe.

I never would have guessed that last bit. I do have two clans I suspect of being war clans
in my tribe: the ones who reform bandits and the Uroxi, and only one peace clan, the guys
with the Flamal temple. I assume that the guys with the war rock are also a war clan, and
the guys with the big herd are a peace clan, and that the clans which spun off from my balanced
clan are balanced, along with most of the rest. How can you tell for sure? For example, are
the Black Spears a war clan?

Finally got the Motion Rune Banner. In another game, I got the tricksters to tell me what it
was for, but either that's random or I'm choosing the wrong option now.

Got past the warring kings by offering to pay to settle disputes. The first demand they
made was for 10 cows worth of goods! Dang, I thought that was pretty cheap but I
convinced them to build a town instead anyway (and gave 125 cows worth of silver to each
king at the founding ceremony). "The kings were pleased with the gifts they received."

Next question: is the game winnable after the Telmori devour your emissary and all yuor
weaponthanes (including 4 I didn't even send along on the trip)?


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