Re: Vingan Tribe(s) Queen

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 06:25:51 -0700 (PDT)

Umm, the game will bring about events that help you work with other tribes towards making new things. You need their cooperation eventually, so being allied with them can help. But you don't have to be allied with them, you just need some combination of good relations and very persuasive negotiators.

> I succeeded with the first. The chietain was our
> best ally (mariages,
> feast, ...) before the coming of tribes.
> But few time passes after tribes alliance, one of
> their clan raid us.
> They succeed.
> Also, we ask with our lawspeaker for compensation
> for breaking the
> alliance. They refused.
> Also, the entire tribe decide to attack our former
> ally to keep honor.

This is OK--after all, you acted honorably.
> We won after we had given insults (we do that very
> well) and fought
> well.
> They give us goods to excuse themselves.
> Question1:
> Is our alliance broken/enforced ?

I think it is broken, but just to make sure, save the game, then raid one of their clans. See if they object. If they do, you are still allied, if not, you aren't. Then go back to your saved game and play from there.

> Question2:
> Is it the good way to become king of all tribes ?

Making allies, and punishing those who break agreements, are both ways of being seen as a great clan. This will help later on when you have to persuade people to try new things.

> Also, Einarth (our prophete) tell our king would
> marry the Feathered
> Queen... I now have a vingan queen.

If you have a queen, you end up marrying the Stallion King instead of the Feathered Horse Queen. I've had a nearly 70 year old Ernaldan Queen be the Stallion King's bride! Once you get to the very last part of the long game, it seems your king or queen will not die of old age. Your queen is young enough that she should live to the end game, and then she is age-proof. Just be careful with her until then!


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