Re: Ancestors: Summon ancient enemies

From: vingo_france <vingo_at_...>
Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 15:47:14 -0000

> Generally when tribe building I try to avoid clans
> that are enemies with our friends, and try hard to
> include clans that hate my enemies. There is a clan
> that hates the beastfolk, but I forget what their
> description is. Anyway, if they are in your tribe,
> your defeat of the beastment could have improved the
> tribe mood, I don't know.
> Have fun!
> --Bryan

About my ancient enemies:
I am not sure, it had little effect in my case for my tula. My clan mood is jubilant, unshakable and unshakable. My tribe mood is optimitic and does not grow after that. I believe our ancestors have been greatly honored and I won't need to do it again soon.
About the broken alliance:
But perhaps my King reputation will increase after I had been respected by our former allied tribe.
I will verify the situation between us and my reputation king status.


Paris, France.

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