Re: Dragons issues and unexplained phenomena

From: Jeff Kyer2 <jakyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2002 12:28:15 -0500

> Subject: Dragons issues and unexplained phenomena
> *spoiler galore*
> still have not manage to get Earthshaker's eggs

They happen if you're nice to that wierd old tracheodon.

> still have not seen Kallyr's destiny

Well, you have to wait. But its tough. And she usually dies.

> had manage to enjoys the making of the market and the telmori peace-
> keeping quest

These are essential to winning.

> still wanna know more about the poet taken away by dragons, never
> gets to see whats their promises reward is (since the poet, once

I think they don't really give you much. Howerver, I noticed I never had troubles with the dragonnewts afterwards even though we hated them.

> back, refused to say anything more)
> still wanna know whats the purpose of the dino that comes and eat
> your hays, any treasure come of it?

Random encounter. Some things just don't help.

> still wanna know the purpose of dancing dragons with beehives on
> their heads

Wierd incomprehensible dragonnewt stuff. But I think its better to drive them off. Just to be safe.

> still wanna know about the dragon in the cave

Which one?

still wanna know if you can get ducks to join your tribe

Yes. I've done it twice.

> still wanna know if you really can join Colymar at the start and wont
> messed up the destiny

I don't know. Someone has said you can but it seems wierd.

> still wanna know if anything more comes out of Snakepipe Hollow
> surrounding areas, other than trolls

Um, yeah. CRAPLOADS of evil chaos stuff.

> still wanna know if anybody is interested
> still on a quest to promote KoDP, heck even Rendelius refuse to
> highlight it, not mentioning other major sites
> still will be waiting for your banters and tidings

What sites are these? Details?

And there are a few seminars on King of Dragon Pass (among other things) at Gloranthacon VIII in Toronto next March. for details.



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