Dragons issues and unexplained phenomena

From: kentcave <kentcave_at_...> <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 18:06:07 -0000

*spoiler galore*

still have not manage to get Earthshaker's eggs still have not seen Kallyr's destiny

had manage to saw almost all the fun false prophecies of the fake queen of dragon pass
had manage to win with kings and queens
had manage to enjoys the making of the market and the telmori peace- keeping quest
had almost done everything

still wanna know more about the poet taken away by dragons, never gets to see whats their promises reward is (since the poet, once back, refused to say anything more)
still wanna know whats the purpose of the dino that comes and eat your hays, any treasure come of it?
still wanna know the purpose of dancing dragons with beehives on their heads
still wanna know about the dragon in the cave

still wanna know if you can get ducks to join your tribe still wanna know if you really can join Colymar at the start and wont messed up the destiny
still wanna know if anything more comes out of Snakepipe Hollow surrounding areas, other than trolls

still wanna know if anybody is interested still on a quest to promote KoDP, heck even Rendelius refuse to highlight it, not mentioning other major sites still will be waiting for your banters and tidings

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