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Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:15:55 +0700

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> > Subject: Dragons issues and unexplained phenomena
> >
> > *spoiler galore*
> >
> > still have not manage to get Earthshaker's eggs
> They happen if you're nice to that wierd old tracheodon.
---Tracheodon? Hmm, which one? The magisaur holding beads requesting council? The stegosaur crashing into our tula feeding? The dragon in the cave? or perhaps a scene I've never seen, with triceratops in it? I'm obsessed with scenes having dragons in it, or beastfolks too.

> > still have not seen Kallyr's destiny
> >
> Well, you have to wait. But its tough. And she usually dies.
---I guess she has to be the tribe leader 1st. No matter what we do she will die? Usually? Anyone have a story where she survive? Hmm just like the case with the weaponthane having a berserker chasing after him cause of his affair with the girl and ended up dying on Mount Kero Fin, crystallized in ice? Similiar cases where we can't do a thing? Either way, it will be a tragic story, passed down in remembrance.

> > had manage to enjoys the making of the market and the telmori peace-
> > keeping quest
> >
> These are essential to winning.

--Aye, done these once. Enjoyed them. Just beautiful. Perfect execution throughout.

> > still wanna know more about the poet taken away by dragons, never
> > gets to see whats their promises reward is (since the poet, once
> >
> I think they don't really give you much. Howerver, I noticed I never had
> troubles with the dragonnewts afterwards even though we hated them.
---Hmm so the reward is just goods? I was hoping it was a prelude to the eggs hehe. Troubles from dragons? So far I only got problems if I explore their land, and the happenings only shown in small scene with only text. Will we get the eggs if we were hostile to dragons? Next time they wont get my poet!

> > back, refused to say anything more)
> > still wanna know whats the purpose of the dino that comes and eat
> > your hays, any treasure come of it?
> >
> Random encounter. Some things just don't help.
---Sure of this? Just a chance to show off a nice painting? Hehe, I play in paranoid mode, expecting things behind all happenings. There must be more, we feed him/her and some good thing might come out of it. Or perhaps its just a lesson of life.. to never expect a reward for kindness done, since it will be term as ulterior motive, otherwise. _at_,-p

Just like the hated countless useless encounters with the Kolat hermit. Even though they have different predictions, in the end, the outcome might always be the same. Anyone ever successfully search and found him? Just a waste of time it seems.

> > still wanna know the purpose of dancing dragons with beehives on
> > their heads
> Wierd incomprehensible dragonnewt stuff. But I think its better to drive them
> off. Just to be safe.

---They are casting spells. Guess we will never know if its good or bad ones?

> > still wanna know about the dragon in the cave
> >
> Which one?

The one where you get when exploring Mount Quivin in the near beginning. Either you can trick it in dice game with the trickster or having none, just steal or charge for it.

> still wanna know if you can get ducks to join your tribe
> Yes. I've done it twice.

---Aaah, beautiful. I can't wait to argue with them. Hmm I wonder what can they offer to the tribe, other than food. Humakti deathducks! Grr starting a new game just for them. Current game they attacked me when I ask for half of their land and they hightailed it when losing the battle.

> > still wanna know if you really can join Colymar at the start and wont
> > messed up the destiny
> >
> I don't know. Someone has said you can but it seems wierd.
---Yeah, how messed up it will be. Perhaps a rift in the tribe, before the time, ending up with us starting a rebel tribe as a challenge. Such a pity my begging to be included was rejected.

> > still wanna know if anything more comes out of Snakepipe Hollow
> > surrounding areas, other than trolls
> >
> Um, yeah. CRAPLOADS of evil chaos stuff.
---Hmm, everytime I tried to explore *anywhere* even remotely close to *that* surrounding areas, I will get the Cragspider scene or some small text explaning a meeting with random clan there. Nothing about chaos though. Hmm a new quest has begun. To clear the frontier of the unknown. The Dancing Snake Inn? Guarding the shrine to Benesnakre Dintjaneo below? The return of the relic? Nah..

> > still wanna know if anybody is interested
> > still on a quest to promote KoDP, heck even Rendelius refuse to
> > highlight it, not mentioning other major sites
> > still will be waiting for your banters and tidings
> >
> What sites are these? Details?

---Various alternate fringe hobbyist hangouts. Rpgdot, gamespot, gamefaqs, family, friends, acquaintances, heck even spamming strangers. _at_,-p

They just don't care for it. Some wont even take a 2nd look after me passing out the information about the demo in the website. They just have different taste. I myself am in ectasy, filled with ambrosiastic fantasies anytime while reading about Gloranthan materials. Living in a different plane altogether. Somebody wakes me up from my dreams.. please. ;-)

I will cut and paste the email I sent to one. You really don't wanna know the answers I got as replies. And that's by saying it nice. I won't give up though. I estimated between 800-1000 copies of KoDP sold, since a-sharp started marketing it. I might be wrong.

PS: In one of the next newsletters, I want to do a feature about "hidden gems" - RPGs that get little attention because of weak marketing, because they are shareware or older games. Certainly ost of you will know such games (The Angbands come to my mind) - maybe you drop us some lines about your "hidden gem"? Send your mail to: rendelius_at_... "

Well, in response to that call... try

KoDP might not be RPG to some, but well, you are actually "playing a role" as a leader of a clan, taking council of your clan's elders advices or warnings. What really matters is the game is thoroughly enjoyable from the start till the end, which to me.. never comes. Good things are meant to be shared, right? *wink*

This fellow will be able to provide more information, as the hidden gem is truly his masterpiece ...

David Dunham     A Sharp     david_at_...
Voice/Fax: 206 783 7404

> And there are a few seminars on King of Dragon Pass (among other things) at
> Gloranthacon VIII in Toronto next March. for details.
> Thanks!
> Jeff

---Thanks for the info. Used to follow the going-ons in the glorantha mailing list and website. But because of too much KoDP sessions, it seems heretical mixing up with those Lunar and Dara Happan folks. Besides, I'm guarding Orlanth's stead and Canada is quite a bit far in walking distance.

See you in my next heroquest trip.. fellow Kayodeepeeans.

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