Re: Dragons issues and unexplained phenomena

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2002 13:47:57 -0800 (PST)

> still have not seen Kallyr's destiny

I've only seen it happen once (and got a nifty treasure out of it, although of course sad to lose Kallyr and a number of weaponthanes). I've played a lot, and had Kallyr as a leader a fair number of times without her ever heading off, so I don't think this is a common thing.
> still wanna know more about the poet taken away by dragons, never
> gets to see whats their promises reward is (since the poet, once
> back, refused to say anything more)

But there is a pop up box that says that the poet seems wiser somehow, I think--the pop ups don't show up in the chronicle so I'm going by distant memory, I haven't seen that event recently. However there is nothing obvious in the stats to reflect this.

> still wanna know whats the purpose of the dino that comes and eat
> your hays, any treasure come of it?

Sometimes it isn't about what you can get, it is about losing as little as possible.

> still wanna know the purpose of dancing dragons with beehives on
> their heads

They are dragonnewts, you can't really understand their purpose without doing unpleasant things to your brain first!

> still wanna know about the dragon in the cave
He's there, he has lots of treasure, with luck you can get some of it, but you want to follow the choices of your ancestors. I think that is about all there is to that. I think it is a an early game boost for the clan essentially.

> still wanna know if you can get ducks to join your tribe
You can at least as confederates, not sure about as full members.

> still wanna know if you really can join Colymar at the start and wont
> messed up the destiny

I think that is allowed starting at one of the updates. Look in the release notes for the updates (and make sure you are using the latest, 1.7 I think).

> still wanna know if anything more comes out of Snakepipe Hollow
> surrounding areas, other than trolls

You can find chaotic creatuers galore in snakepipe hollow. In certain conditions you can also find the weirdest sorceror. I don't know exactly what the conditions are, as it only happened to me once, but Dave hinted that it only happened if your clan had a certain weakness.


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