Re: Do I have to hurry up before my clan ring get too crustie?

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 18:43:14 -0800 (PST)

Yes, but don't worry, she'll find you, you don't have to discover her.

However, sending out
> exploring groups of 9 thanes ends up with no one coming back after a
> year.

Err, that is strange, where were you sending them to? My most typical exploration group is 3 weaponthanes and eight carls, and I almost never lose them if I send them with a decent leader. So a quick refresher on exploring (none of this is really spoilerish, except maybe the tip about dealing with Tarshites):
1- Have Vinga's pathfinder blessing active! Makes a huge difference in the safety of your exploration parties.

2- Exploring slowly is safer than exploring quickly.
3- It's a rough world out there, send a leader who knows how to fight
--unless you are visiting Tarsh, in which case send one who knows how
to bargain and fight, since they seem to be a bunch of double dealing pansies up there, but sometimes you have to fight to make it there alive. Oh, or if you are just sending off a leader to get rid of them, then give them as little escort as possible, of course. 4- Vingans and Issarians are the best explorers, Odaylans next.

> There is also the fear that the tribes Queen is close to being
> a corpsical.

A corpsicle? you are going to freeze her on Kero Finn? But seriously, once the end game gets really rolling, it seems that your king or queen won't die of old age. I don't guarantee it, but I think it is a feature built in to save from this sort of predicament. Once you get an oportunity to build a city, you are in the end probably starts before then, but I don't know when.

Oh, and the number of quests don't have to do with being king or queen.  You need to be king or queen, and you have to complete at least seven quests after founding the tribe. But you don't have to do seven quests after becoming king or queen. So replacing the queen/king isn't a horrible thing, but sometimes it can be hard to get back to back kingships--at the least you'll have to give outrageous bribes and make sure most of the other clans owe you favors, and even then it isn't a certain thing, so I don't recomend it unless it is urgent.

> Erm, wouldn't I need a King rather than a Queen for
> marrage

No, if you have a queen you get to marry too, but not to the queen. You can win the game just as easily with a queen or king.


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