Re: Re: Is it gonna be really scary and hard?

From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2003 10:23:25 -0700 (PDT)

Dave has previously confirmed that the season and absolute temple size don't affect the difficulty of the quest (I used to think that they did too).

I don't think sacred time magic gets "used up" i.e. if you assign war magic, it applies in all of your fights that year, as opposed to the magic you assign at the battle. Therefore I don't see a downside to doing related actions before the quest, and suspect that if anything they help.

--- macleod130373 <alain.roques_at_...> wrote:
> Spoilers ?
> My impressions for questing
> - Magic is important but other skills are vital. Leadership is vital
> for Ernalda feeds the Tribe, Combat is usefull for Uralda Quest
> (think it helps bearing wounds). Default leader is not always the
> best.
> - Being an Initiate of the god helps but a questing machine (like
> Kallyr) will find quest easier than a bad initiate
> - Quester must be in your ring (otherwise the quest Magic won't help)
> - Quest magic is good but other magic is usefull too, like Diplomacy
> for Ernalda feeds the tribe or war for Orlanth and Aroka (and perhaps
> Uralda)
> - Read the quest before enacting it, Understand the quest before
> enacting it, Read the secrets very carefully (underlined lines)
> before enacting it. If you still don't understand what you have to do
> buy Runequest books ;-)
> - If you fail the quest perhaps you don't choose the right awnsers.
> You could have been succesfull even with wrong (or at least not
> optimum) awnsers. Even if it's a little bit random, take a look at
> your magic gain at the end of the quest. You can only give a limited
> amount of wrong awnsers (the Uralda or the Humakt quests are tricky
> for that, now that I think I have the good awnsers it's far more
> easy)
> - make sacrifice to gods before questing (and not only the questing
> god and wind spirits, Chalana Arroy for example is a good idea for
> wounding quest)
> - Have usefull blessings for the quest on.
> - Quest on the right season (storm for Orlanth, Earth for Ernalda)
> - Treasures help (and not only treasures that are labelled for
> questing)
> - High magic points helps (I'm quite sure of that)
> - Have seven different gods on your ring. Try po put the rare double
> initiates (orlanth/elmal, Ernalda/Uralda) on your ring, you can quest
> with one of your ring member in mission (usefull for emergency
> quests)
> - Sacrifice to Quest and not going questing helps recovering faster
> the time penaty at least. And it also helps for event triggered
> quests.
> - You can sometimes minimize risks (in Orlanth and Aroka for exemple)
> helps being succesfull (minimize gain but it's very usefull)
> - Temple size may help. Helps having blessings active anyway.
> - Helps from other tribes make life easy but I never use this if not
> in imediate danger because I don't like being in debt. I think that
> the helping clan also have some benefits in a succesfull quest (so be
> carefull), always use allies for that (and allies that have debts
> (keep a list because when they are allies you don't know the number
> of favor anymore))
> - Don't use your sacred time pool. To my mind don't go trading before
> going on a Issaries Quest. It use the trade Magic you should have
> kept for your quest.
> - Try to take folowers from your clans, they will increase their
> skill levels too (but can raise the difficulty level if they are not
> as good as the default gods)

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