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From: Gargantua <gargantua_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 18:01:43 +0000


I have set up a new KoDP forum at http://www.kodp.net/forum . There are all regular features and there are no adds, no pop-ups etc. It will be up as long as there is at least minimum activity. Feel free to join, all creators of this yahoo group and board _at_ network54, will have admin rights if agree.

I now and then see some discussions about KoDP, the most recent one on GoneGold forums:


it is amazing people still remember KoDP and in fact find it to be a great game.

How many of you are playing "Galactic Civilization"? This is a very recent civ-type game, which seems to get alot of attention lately. The reason I bring GalCiv up is how it was released. Basically, there was open beta testing, for the price of the final game. In the end you could either download the final build or ask them to send it on CD. Do you think it would work with KoDP? Remember, that first version of GalCiv was for OS/2 and was not popular, and was not nearly as good as the sequel. David Dunham always said that the KoDP sequel will be possible only if there is some funding. Would GalCiv's experience work here?

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