Popularity and reputation

From: Andrew Barton <AndrewBarton_at_...>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 16:29:31 -0500

Quite often I get to the point where my clan's reputation is at the top of the scale, and I'm getting messages about how much the other clans respect us, but at the same time my advisers say other clans don't like us.

Once I stood for King of the Tribe, was elected amid great acclaim, and the very next thing that happened was a delegation from the other clans saying we weren't following Orlanthi ways and I should step down. My own adviser said 'indeed, we aren't following Orlanthi ways'. No clue as to how we were failing, though. Can it be rigth that they all voted for us but immediately think so badly of us that the demand that the King steps down?

My best guess is that I've been calling in favours faster than I've been repaying them to other clans, but I usually respond generously whenever I can and even if I'm careful never to refuse a request to pay off a favour, I still often get into the same situation. I tried one game where I'd Send Gifts twice a year to clans I owed favours to (they seem accept these as paying off the favour more often than not), but that didn't seem to help. Nor does heroquesting to improve our reputation or the mood of the tribe.

I can usually win the game anyway.



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