Buying a treasure and emissaries Qs

From: perkele000 <antti.heiskanen_at_...>
Date: Sun, 01 Feb 2004 11:52:40 -0000


The game has grown on my girl and we still happily continuing to play on. KoDP is quite nice game to play together btw. As I have played it so much I let her do the most decisions and give advice when she asks. Few things have came up that I can't recall from the days I used to play. Message database of this group or the FAQ's on the net didn't bring out any answers either. So here's a few Qs for you lot. Again David probably knows the best (if he still remembers :-) It's been a looong time since this game came out isn't it:), but experiences of others would be appriciated as well.

  1. When you go to another clan in order to buy a treasure the game asks "What is your highest offer?". To me this would imply that your trader will try to negotiate as low price as possible but willing to go as high as decided above if needed. However every time we either don't get the treasure or we end up paying the highest offer set above. Never anything lower. Is this a bug or a feature?

I even did some testing. About a dozen times I sent a trader and set a ludicrous highest offer around 400 cows and goods. Every time ended up paying the whole ammount. So I guess this a feature. Kind of annoying feature I must say. Would be nice to set the absolute maximum ammount we'd be willing to pay and then have the trader actually bargaining...

2. When sending out an emmissary on a diplomatic mission the game suggests a leader based on bargaining skill. Yet in the manual custom is said to be the primary skill for the emissaries. But how is it in the _actual game play_? Should I concentrate on nobles with high custom or high bargaining?

Then we also have the leadership skill that helps in situations when you need to persuade others. So just how should one choose a trader or an emissary?

Perhaps look skills in this oder??
Trader: Bargaining, Leadership, Custom
Emissary: Custom, Leadership, Bargaining

Of course it helps if the noble is on the ring and Issaries worshipper etc. but now considering just the skills...

Thanks in advance,


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