Cool and Rare events..

From: kentcave <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 08:49:36 -0000

At last!!! After sooo many years, I finally manage to successfully train Earthshakers Battle Unit!!! Hehe, and this is in a war clan that treat dragons as enemy.. but them just seems to love us, not sure why, and this time I choose defence as Kallyr suggested and manage to raise them till adulthood (last attempt failed as they withered and die if im not wrong) but sigh.. I made a mistake not to save before I choose whether to train them as raiding or plow team unit.. and getting a chance to raise them as Triceratops Plow Team might took.. a few years again har har!

Of course, now the scene where the three earthshakers stand proud and tall had been saved as my desktop background, they will remain there for quite sometime, as a prize of pride.

This latest game was suppose to be a test on David's claim that Elise had written specific events for Trickster Chief.. the attempt was torturous, as I started happy with a male trickster that was considered young at 40+ age.. but it slowly detoriates into bribefest  when almost every other few turns, the carls would complaint about the trickster, even though we were doing.. very well. I dont recall getting "special" event, that I had not seen before, so.. after decades and suddenly Kallyr has reach age 16.. I was confronted with choices of whether to let Kallyr train magic with Vinga or let her prove herself by exploring..

I actually almost choose to let her train better in magic, to better prepare her for her FATE (which someone posted before that she MIGHT survive with super stats and outrageous resources backing her, can David confirm this? hehe ke keep many things hidden from us, to keep us playing in suspense =).. but then one of my female ring members complained, an uraldan priestess if im not wrong, saying that she should be able to train better in our combat-proven clan, and then I choose to let her explore Kero Fin and there she traded insult with our rival clan..

Rest assured that once she is back, I directly put her on the Chief seat as im playing an Orlanth clan.. everything is bliss afterwards, as she promised by saying that everything she touch.. she became the best in it!

New events I have not seen, even after playing for years.. an enemy clan invite us to a parley-meeting and promptly assassinate most of my clan ring!!! Picture of a sword thrusted through my beloved clan members chest, yet luckily the smirking trickster chief survived hehe. Another event was a strong delegation from Colymar tribe come asking for tribute, they were standing on top of a cliff, with pink sky.. (somehow strange to accept that I had never gotten this scene before, perhaps this time because I intrude too deep into Colymar teritorry)

Events worth mentioning.. Tattoo-scarred Elmali godlearner wishing to battle Orlanth in godplane, to put feuds to rest.. (I never succeed here, even though I do as he asked, giving him fertility magic for a year, sigh..) and of course.. Salmon Man (grr, I WANT to see it done successfully once!)

I once saw a picture of an event at a-sharp site that shows hmm not clan, but more looks like a tribe looking over a plains from a gorge in a mountain (that looks like Grand Canyon) seems like waiting for an enemy attack. I was told that its a war between tribes.. I had not seen this event, its all painted in red. I had posted the pic at kayodeepee for over a year now, yet no one has respond, sigh..

Please do share your experiences.. (heck I was pulled hard from my deep-concentrating Dominions2 session just because of the Trickster Chief clue =)

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