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Date: Sat, 07 Feb 2004 12:34:14 -0000

I just don't understand it! Since you run it in the same mode as I do now and since the game does NOT use DMA the trainers SHOULD work. I wish someone else would test them! I will tell you how you can sort of make your own little personal trainer:P This is FUN! Go HERE:
and download Artmoney. link here:

Install it. Run it. Start KoPD. Pull the list down on "Select Process" choose "mTropolis Windows player -mplayer". That is the file KoDP uses for the main program. NOW:

Look in your game and see how many of something you have. everything you SHOULD be able to find (and thus modify in game)that WORKS with Artmoney is in my trainer EXCEPT modifying Nobles ages (due to DMA i had to use softice debugger)and resetting the date and the clan moods.

1.CLick search. Don't change any of the default settings. They should be:
Search "Exact Value"
Typoe Integer (Standard)
2. Look in the game and find out how many cows you have. Say 500 cows. Type it into the "value box",click search. It will find some adresses and put them in the small left window. Once its done go back to the game and change the amount of cows you have(slaughter some or something). Now go back to Artmoney and click "Sieve" and type in the new amount of cows you have. Click ok. In the left window there shouldn't be more than one or two addresses (probably one). Click the little red arrow and it ADDs it to the main window. 3. In the main window there are 5 colums. F, Description,adress,value, and type. clicking the box below the "F" will FREEZE that address value. In the description box Type "Cows." In the value box type in the amount of cows you want :P Pressing the "F" button will freeze that value. Now down at the VERY bottom of Artmoney click "Save." That will save the table of all the values you have found. Afterwards you need only start the game start Artmoney(and choose the process from the list) click load down at the bottom of art money and load up the table you have saved. Now click on "Search" again, loof for another value, type it in, change it, click sieve. If you end up with too many values just change the value again and "Sieve" again until you only find ONE address.

Rinse, REPEAT with all the other resources (pigs, wildlands, weaponthanes,farmers,magic,etc.)adding them into the main window/table as you go. This will work for ALL of the values in my Megatrainer (I will get to my treasure trainer in a minute)except Nobles ages, date reset (I can tell you how to find that value but you have to use a hex editor)and moods (I will tell you how to find that as well) because they don't actually have a value you can search for unless you know what it is. SO, bear with me here:

Load up my LATEST cheat savegame (1330-CHEAT.Opal)in your hex editor. I prefer Hex Worksop myself (it is pretty much superior to anything else out there).  Here is what we see in the FIRST two lines(using hex worksop): 4F70 616C 0000 0000 BECA 7615 002A 0002 0002 3926 0001 0583 0000 0000 0000 0000

See that 3926? THATS your date! In decimal format its 14630. So Fire up Artmoney and search for 14630. I turned up like 90 adresses. We have to narrow it. Slaughter some cattle then SAVE. load the new save into your hex editor and look at the same adress. Its now 14631 or should be. hmm. click sieve in artmoney and type in that new value. WOOT. If that does not work then merely load up the first save gave search then load up the second savegame and SIEVE with the new value. Add it to the master table. 14630 represents the first turn of the first season(SEA) of 1330. I would not decrease it any furthuer if I were you. You can freeze the date permanently by clicking the freeze box of course.

load up my 133-CHEAT.opal in your hex editor. Goto offset 00004616. You should see:

FA00 FA00 FA00 0848 6F6C 6C6F 7761 7900 0700 0000 0000 0000 0000

and off to the right in the text window(if you hex editor has one) you should see:


See the FA00 FA00 FA00??
Well I had all the moods set to 250. 250 is jubilant/unshakable. Sooo. FA=250 Do a search for 250 in artmoney. THEN modify the values of all three to say 100 in your hex editor (6400 6400 6400) and SAVE. Now load the newly saved game in KoDP. Sieve in artmoney and put in 100. It should find 3 values and those are your 3 moods.Add it to your Master table(that includes all the rest of the things you can now adjust). Save it. You can play around with the numbers but I know 250 is jubilant/unshakable.

This one is more involved because there are like 120 treasure total BUT I believe I have a shortcut so you don't have to search for each individual one :P

Its easy to find the values for them using my 1330-CHEAT savegame so make sure its loaded. Do anew search for 500 in artmoney. You should come up with about 160 results. MOST of them will be your treasures SO click the green arrow(ADD ALL)and add them ALL to you table. Take a good look at the new ADDRESSES. Now the first several addresses are NOT your treasures. So look a little furthuer down. MY treasure addresses started at 1136326(Alynx Log treasure). Now the adresses for each treasure are only two bytes apart! See: 1136326,113632A,113632C,113632E,etc. for around 120 addresses. Thats the pattern you are looking for and they are in the same order as they are displayed in your treasure list in the game. Of course you may have to modify a few to figue out where it starts (the Alynx log) but once you do merely count down 120 adresses more then delete the rest of the results. Save the table and now thetable is complete and you can use it in ANY game of KoDP. Hurray! You now have all the addresses for all the treasures,resource,etc. and you should by now be able to do nearly EVERYTHING my trainers are capablke of doing!

Let me know how it goes for you. Do me a favor and email me at MY email address and tell me how this works out for you:


My wife had a yahoo account so I just used hers here and now all the group stuff is coming to HER email box :P

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