Re: trainer probs

From: skittles0316 <alavonne_at_...>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 10:22:46 -0000

I just d/l gamewiz32 to check it out. Artmoney is actually a program that does the same thing as gamewiz32 and lets you save tables like I was describing,etc. except Artmoney OWNS gamewiz. There is another program that absloutely owns gamewiz and its similar to Artmoney in its powerful functions. Its called Tsearch:

ALL of these programs are just memory/address finders and I primarily use them to snag the addresses. I THEN input the addresses into a program called "Trainer Maker Kit" to make the actual trainers. You SHOULD be able to use gamewiz to find most of the values in KoPD and save them all in a table also for use. Just follow the directions I was talking about in that HUGE post earlier. All of these programs work similar to a trainer in that they just modify memory addresses(they just help you find the addresses to modify). Each time you start a different map in Dominions 2 do you have to research for the gold value?

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