Re: trainer probs

From: kentcave <kentcave_at_...>
Date: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 13:36:45 -0000

Everytime I re-start KoDP or Dom2, I just boot up gamewiz again (I used this exclusively since I already paid for the regis, feel wasted if not using it hehe) and start searching all over, as it just took 2 search and thats like 5 seconds, and I dont bother to save the tables, as if I recall correctly, its actually dangerous in some games, as the tables for gold in current game, might be used for magic in other games, I just dont want to mess that up..

In Dom2, there is currently a trainer to get you super pretender, and it really makes you drool.. I just hacked the gold value to the max, I forgot the max value, but there is a max that you have to input, otherwise it will go over to become minus.. I tried so hard to hack the resources till I figured it out after playing awhile that resources are actually fixed every turn for that province.

GRR now I have to go back to Dom2 again, after furiously playing KoDP again this few days.. I want to have a rematch at the Arena, as the last time I lost when I put a merc hero as my champ and he promptly got beaten at the final by Moloch, a pretender god! GRR now I know you CAN enter your god, hehe my god wont even get a scratch!

(I wonder how come most folks suddenly get quiet on most topics, arent them lurking anymore? Aint most of them were interested in online KoDP? =)

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