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From: Bryan Thexton <bethexton_at_...>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 12:26:41 -0800 (PST)

I've been playing this game for more than four years, and I still keep finding cool things.....

In my last clan, for the first time ever, I had a war leader who was an Uroxi. A REALLY good uroxi. Fairly early on he hit heroic in combat and was excellent/renowned in leadership and magic. Two neat things with him:
1a) One battle we hit the annoying storm lord. The one who normally flies around the battle and is really hard to deal with? I discovered an option I don't normally see. Besides ignore him, shoot him out of the sky, etc, there was "Just go berserk and kill anything that looks like the wind lord." Of course I chose that option :) I forget the exact narration, but it was to the effect that my Uroxi ignored the winds and arrows of the wind lord, until the wind lord landed and tried to face him in melee. I think the Uroxi just did something like grab him and dash his brains out against the ground. Well, I'm not doing the scene justice, the visuals in the description were awesom. And the detail in the game, to have an option that ONLY shows up in that event if an uroxi is involved. Makes me wonder what else I haven't seen yet.

1b) Finally, I was able to properly pillage Snakepipe Hollow. We eventually retired him on the ring when he was in his 60s. But we had 'sense chaos' and 'smite chaos' supported by an Urox temple. Each year we'd send him off with six weaponthanes and six footmen to Snake Pipe Hollow, and he came back victorious every time, having smited greatly chaos. Not to mention picking up its treasure....lots of goods and a couple of magical treasures too.

In the game before that one, we had made a tribe, were getting on with our quests....but all of our top leaders were quite old. I wanted to make someone younger into tribal king. Finally I killed someone off, and the new leader was.....well, an Orlanthi with a best skill of "custom", which was excellent, and he had very good magic. Good leadership. But he was what i had to work with. First he did the LM quest, then he visited Kero Finn, and had mysterious but good visions, boosting his magic more. That was enough to let him succeed at Orlanth Makes the Tribe to boost his leadership. Well, in the end he became tribal king. By the time he became King of Dragon Pass he had heroic leadership, magic, and custom. Oh, and did I mention that his name was Sartar? If you think of the official Sartar, doesn't that sound like about the right skill set? So I got to make Sartar into King of Dragon Pass.

So even after four years, I'm finding new things, and managing to do new things. It is really a shame that this game never appealed to a wider audience, because there is really an incredible amount of depth and richness to it.


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