Re: Re: How easy would it be to create a king of sun country game?

From: David Dunham <david_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 12:31:47 -0700


>Could the King of Dragon Pass story state fit into
>30 bytes of memory? Then maybe a DVD version could work...

The entire history of your decisions? I don't see how, for a game with over 400 scenes. Within one scene? Sure.


> > An add-on is a great
> > way to make more money off a hit game, but I'm not aware of a case
>> where it created a hit game.
>Counterstrike, which was originally a mod for Half-Life, became more than
>the original game it was created for.

Half Life was a hit game without Counterstrike. This is not an example of a hit game being created by an add-on (which is what I had in mind -- sorry I wasn't clear).

(So is anyone going to do the computer version of Counterstrike? <>)

>Glorantha is a very rich, very detailed setting for a
>RPG -- has anyone thought of developing a unique interactive magic and skill
>system for the game, and developing it into a console RPG?

Console games have even bigger budgets than computer games these days. My guess is that anyone investing that sort of money is going to want to own the intellectual property, and won't want to license Glorantha.


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