Re: Re: How easy would it be to create a king of sun country game?

From: John Scheibeler <uplink989_at_...>
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 05:29:00 -0500

Subject: Re: How easy would it be to create a king of sun country game?

> Most computer games don't make money. The ones at the top make a
> great deal, of course. It's sort of like the movie industry (but
> without video stores for B movies to end up in). An add-on is a great
> way to make more money off a hit game, but I'm not aware of a case
> where it created a hit game.

Counterstrike, which was originally a mod for Half-Life, became more than the original game it was created for. Some people say Counterstrike was the founder of all these interactive team-play games now being played over X-Box Live and PS2 Online.

> Finally, we're always happy to take random donations (including
> Shiner Bock), and if anyone wins the lottery or becomes a major
> league sports player, we'd be happy to develop your choice of sequel,
> if we're assured of a way to pay the dozens of people who'll be
> involved. Be sure to include a photo with your check, so you can be
> one the of the characters...

Screw that, David. If I strike it rich in the lottery, you'll be joining a team of programmers and artists making me a console Glorantha fighting RPG. ;-)

All kidding aside, Glorantha is a very rich, very detailed setting for a RPG -- has anyone thought of developing a unique interactive magic and skill system for the game, and developing it into a console RPG? I've noticed that the current trend in console games seems to be going towards versatility, and Glorantha has the depth to make it a very versatile game.

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