Pasture: Sheeps, Cattle, and Pigs

From: suportgiathainguyen <giathainguyen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 06:02:22 -0000

My current game got serirous problem with sheeps

The first part is okay. i got an Uraldan on the ring and those sheeps keep birthing.

Then after the king election. My Uraldan got sick and die. No prob, still got other high level Barnstars and Ernaldas. And the cattle was growing up nicely... After a few years I notice: My sheep got reduced. Sacred Time report say the increase of cattle, and horse, but decreas of sheep. Increase of both = decrease of sheeps, so at first I wasnt alarmed. Nevertheless that situation continued a few years now, so its' annoying. (My craftmen is numerous (100+) 5 source of materials on tula, Great temple of issaries.) The question is: how do I increase my sheeps? buy, raid, or whatever, I dont care, just how?

Second question for pigs. I got some serious famine a few years in tow (200 die in 4 years due to hunger). Gotta slaughter those pigs, with about 300 leftover so they dont buy new packs. Still, after I buildup all those great temples and temples, the demand on pigs each year is outweigh the birthing. So every 4 years I have to buy a new herd of pigs. It's not big a drain on my trade goods or my stored foods, but it's annoying. how do I increase my pigs? buy, raid, or whatever, I dont care, just how?

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