Re: Is splitting the clan unstopable?

From: suportgiathainguyen <giathainguyen_at_...>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 07:42:56 -0000

Your case sounds like you met a bad end, not splitting. In your case, I suggest doing Ernalda HQ to improve crop yields{sacrifice once before HQ, put a high leadership (renowned if possible) Ernalda on the Ring, get help from tribemates if possible}. Generally, if you got predicted impending starvation, doing Ernalda HQ is a bit easier than normal.

MInd you, if you raid and got raid too many times, your farmer number will be extrmely skewed. The ratio of farmer: children should be higher than 2/3, farmers:pop higher than 2/5 (if your pop is 4300, farmers should be bigger than 1800). if you got brats bursting at the seam of your tula (ratio of farmers:children is lower than 1:2) you are having a PROBLEM. there are ways to deal with that ratio at lower pop, but at higher we need high effiency. Which lead to following solutions:

2:5 is the ratio will all the blessings in place.(Sun, Rain, Plowsong, Vigor, AND Earthblood...). They will ensure your predicted harvest.

IF you got raided often, Earthblood is essential, as it turn bloodspill into fertilizers. After a bloody year, I can double the harvest (one year I got 10000+ crop. Heh!). For that purpose, skirmish tactics to kill most, couple with thunderstone, lightning and few other blessings, will slaughter those pesky raiders. This is best way, quick and effective, to deal with skewed pop and failure in Ernalda HQ, or bad crop.

Check your crop rota: wheat-barley-rye. in normal or good year, that ratio should be: 70:17:13. in bad year, 13:17:70.

Check your cattle (cows) number. Cows also limit the acreage you are farming. If you are low in cows, Vigor will help, a bit. If not, Uralda HQ(get cows), cattle raids, herds magic, large pasture. The ratio of oxen/cows, cows for pasture acreage are not clear, by the way.

Advisors (ring member) and Sacre Time Magic helps. Put an Ernalda, a Barntar and a Uralda (high in plants, animals and magic) for crops and herds point, as well as management. change the clan to Peace type.

Compare to keeping the crops stable, prevent splitting is a peace of cake.

The symptoms: they ask for splitting when the pop is higher than 1500 AND/OR predicted harvest is lower than pop, stored food lower than pops. they also ask for splitting when clan mood is low (around grim).

Treatments: just keeping your crops stable and a year of supply in storage will keep them a lil happy, kinda sorta. To brighten the mood, successful complete HQ or raids are a big help. If they ask for splitting, choose seize the land. But delay the action until Fire, Storm, or Dark season. Or choose reorganize the ring. generally you have to do the reorg once a year.

I am running a game of high pops now. 5000+ with an increase of ~150. Getting quite bored, now. I wonder if I should go ahead to invest in destiny now.

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