Re: Another Way to Lose the Game

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Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2007 08:55:13 -0000

I suspect the problem is bending your knees to your ancestral enemies. After all, after hating and killing your ancient enemies for all your life, now you hear those bastard in the Ring sending tributes to those OTHER bastards, you cant help feeling a , ah, little bit, uncertainty over your beliefs. no wonder you and your neighbours feel a little down.

As for real life... overnight, no. But we may remember that kind of actions for hundred of years. Ask the Jews of a certain Arch in Rome they still dont want to walk under. that Arch immemorate the actions (very despicable, I heard) of a Rome general in conquering and suppressing Jewish rebellions in Jerusalem. that's thousands of years ago. Still now the Jews rather pay households around there to walk around that Arch than walk under it(or so I read anyway, if any of you Jews here care to comment on that?)

> >Clan Moods drop and swing with frightening reguarlity, just like
> >politics in Real Life.
> Please cite a historical example of a single population segment's
> dropping from as-high-as-possible to as-low-as-possible overnight
based on
> a single event, without affecting the overall group mood.
> >And often they will recover in short order. And
> >Chalana Arroy can help with moods as well, if you will recall.
> >
> >But paying tribute to non-humans is definitely a no-no. I just
> >War on Craigspider. It should be interesting to see how it works
> I bet 100 cows to 10 on Cragspider (but not to you, Jeff, you're
> I have no problem with the game making paying tribute to non-humans
> something with dire consequences. What I have a problem with is
(a) the
> lack of a reasonable warning and (b) the excessiveness and
abruptness of
> the swing. It destroyed my willing suspension of disbelief. It
> clearly a game artifact; it--not to put too fine a point on it,
and to make
> it clear since I was evidently too subtle the first time--sucked.
> -- Martin

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