Re: A Suggestion On Process & Progress

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 14:46:58 -0000

John Hughes:

> I'm about to make a general invite to the HQ lists. Give folk a day
> or two to sign up, then, if there's a concensus (or non-threatening
> silence :)) in response to this, I'll post a couple of specific
> issues for us to decide on.

Response has been fairly high in the early hours.

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the French language Kethaela project (although we already have some overlapping membership), but there is a site and group with an excellent track record producing material:

Recently, an English version is growing up, too. I strongly suggest we take a look at how the interaction works there.

Of course, Whitewall is a part of Kethaela. There might be some cross-over creation.

> I'm by no means an expert on the Heortland background, but it seems
> a lot of it is already out there, on Joerg's site and in some of the
> discussions. Maybe some summary links is all we need for now, and
> some brief notes about greggings?

I've made a start with some links, but especially the old material on my site (including bits published in Tradetalk) requires some rewriting. Feel free to add more links.

> I'd like to put the draft troop figures and the general phases of
> the siege on the table for discussion and amendment. I think if we
> can agree on these we'll have a good common basis to proceed. (This
> won't preclude us changing things later of course).

Sounds good so far. Something like the tables in "Gloranthan Military Experience", but more detailed?

> I'd also like to take a stab at naming and briefly describing key
> characters involved in the siege. Some are from the sources, some
> may be just a container at this stage - "Snotty Polarian champion,
> kin of Tatius, who refuses to fight a woman' - that sort of thing.

So we are collecting fact sheets? I've added a few tentative folders to the file section.

We ought to establish some sort of procedure on annotating and/or rewriting documents.

In a different gaming context I had some good experiences using a WIKI environment for document creation and enhancement, but for that we'd need some tech wizards and a WIKI server. I've always wanted to try something like this, so maybe I'll start one, if there are no objections.

> If we have drafts of these listings - overall numbers, key phases of
> the siege, major characters and motivations, it seems we'll have a
> good base to push forward, and to consult with the wargamers,
> military unit experts etc., and general lists.

A good plan.

> Is there anything basic that we also should include in the groundwork?

Like Jeff said, an updated version of the history, geography, background. A collection of the myths used by the heroquesters.

> By way of declaring interests, I'm a dedicated Kallyri, like Jane.
> Having some Kallyr skeptics aboard is great, and it seems we have at
> least one Lunar sympathiser. I'm sure there'll be more. :)

Who's the Lunar symp?

Anyway, me, I'm an Argrathi. And after discovering that Broyan arranged for Orlanth to be declared dead, there ought to be no moral issue with that... ;-)

> I've made all of the original invitees list moderators. Hope this is
> okay.

Fine with me, and makes sense to have moderators distributed over the major time zones.

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