Re: [HeroQuest-RPG] Re: Siege of Whitewall

From: Moah, platypus powaaa! <MOAH_at_...>
Date: Fri, 05 Mar 2004 17:39:23 +0100

Transfered it here as it seems to be the most appropriate list.

John Hughes wrote:

> Now Kallyr left the siege in Dark 1620. I'm advocating, for MDE/MGF, that
> there was a quarrel or argument - something typically Heortling, and of
> course a variation on the Archilles gambit. If this is so, *some* of the
> Sartarites would join in the sulking/exodus. (This is a bit the skalds tend
> to skip).

Why couldn't she have gone out to prepare the resistance outside? IMO, Broyan and all saw they wouldn't win this, and were already preparing the "empty whitewall" trick, to prepare a counter offensive as the maquis. Kally was sent out to get that going, so that when everyone fled, they'd already have a network organized.

Moah, platypus powaaa!

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