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After reviewing my Dawn Age notes, I think that Whitewall was built in the First Age (maybe by that Heortling artist who built the Ivory Tower). Could be on the site of Seriasdara, doesn't have to be.

However I think the Garanvuli should be worked into this. I have always liked the Serias and Garan story.

Definitely need to have Oakfed burn chaos at Whitewall!


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> Whitewall came up in my Dawn Age discussions with
> Greg. I think that it was Seriasdara - the home of
> the Garanvuli Vingkotling Star Tribe.

>It's a bit away from the exit of the Footprint
>(given as location of Seriasdova), but lacking other
>significant Vingkotling hill forts in the region,
>the identification seems sound.

The location of Seriasdora was never really confirmed during DP:LoT. I guess it could once have been Whitewall but I'm not sure. Whitewall might not even really resemble a hill fort it is after all walled with white stone not earthen ramparts and seems intended to have been a city by its builders (that was a GS entry IIRC). I envisage something with a bit more of cyclopean blocked Mycene like feel, but maybe that's just me. i'm not sure everything has to be a hill fort.

Mind you Seriasdora reminds me that the Orlanthi used Oakfed to burn chaos from the walls of their hillforts in the darkness (we draw on this in the Roundstone entry). If the defenders can pull of this trick at Whitewall it could give the Lunars a hell of a shock, though it might melt some of those pristine white walls.

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