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Date: Sat, 6 Mar 2004 14:39:49 -0800

I forgot about Kallyr's Rigsdal connection. This needs to be worked in somehow with our Buseri!

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> Well, this gives us an insight to the structure of
> the initial
> forces investing Whitewall. I particularly like the
> fact he comes
> from Yuthuppa as we can bring in all sorts of
> astrological aspects to the siege.

Good idea! Not that I know anything about them myself, but this adds a great new level to the whole thing.

> I would be inclined to make him the "stereotypical"
> staid, by-the- book Polaris general.

A question for you people who understand all these New Gods (new in HW?Q, that is), and how they relate to the old ones. As I understand it, the guy who used to be called Polaris in Orlanthi society as well as in Lunar society has now been renamed Rigsdal. Is he in fact the same god, or not?

And if he is, just how much is it going to upset Polaris-controled Lunar command when a powerful Rigsdal worshipper shows up on the Orlanthi side?

> the Buserian starseerer who is looking at the "big
> picture" but completely lost in the
> day-to-day tactical neccesities.
> I also think that there just has to be a

Like both of these. Do you have names for them? And let's slap them in the database of Heroes...

Jane Williams

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