Re: FOUNDATION DOC: Forces and Numbers

From: Jimbruce <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 2004 03:27:56 -0000

> I think the core of the troops should, for the most part, and
> certainly at the beginning, be DH types. I think that Jorgandos as
> a DH (and IMHO) Polaris-type would be happiest with a phalax or
> two. Which was the Phalanx based out of Yuthuppa again - Beryl?
> (Where is Martin when you need him!)

I'm wondering about the balance here. Fazzur is Tarshite, and his forces, at least during Starbrow, were based around his Tarshite clan. According to CHDP Pharandros (the text says Moriades, but he's dead by then) "ordered his troops and generals to help Fazzur". Note the imperative - there's already a lot of jealousy over Fazzur's ride to glory during Starbrow.

"Shortly afterwards the emperor ordered regular (as opposed to irregular'? ) imperial (as opposed to 'provincial?') troops to Fazzur's command as well."

Now core Tarsh has been part of the Empire for over a century. My thought is that most of the initial troops, even if organised and trained along Heartland lines, would be Tarshite, with the exception of the Emperor's 'gift'.

After the bat blat, of course, things change drastically.

> I also think that Fazzur would be more than happy to keep as many
> troops out of the limelight (and loot, etc) of the main invasion of
> Heortland and would certainly like to keep his huscarls close to
> himself.

 I agree with this, with a proviso - **assuming** Fazzur can persuade the imperial commanders to take on Broyan. The country was weakened by civil war, and CHDP tells us Fazzur was welcomed as a liberator at Karse. It seems the invasion was considered to be a bit of a cake run. Would an Inperious Yelmie general want to go chasing rebels in the hills when he could be leading a parade?

So Fazzur wants the imperials at Whitewall, while he has his parade. The more powerful Heartlander generals want a quick victory then a parade. Broyan was always going to be a bit of a nuisance - we'd already been holed up in WW for a couple of years. So I suspect the initial troops at Whitewall were competent, but low of the social ladder.



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