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That is a brilliant thought!

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In message <20040307212616.77632.qmail_at_...> Gianfranco Geroldi writes:
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>> Because he didn't want to take unfair advantage?
>no, because she is a waste here. She is no big fighter
>after all. She is a political/mythical figure. She
>puts in danger her life at WW without effectively
>helping the warriors. Sort of like: put the non
>combatants out of this: things are going harsh bloody!
>No foe on her match, more foes than her match.
>Please, miss Kallyr: you are more useful elsewhere.

Someone was needed to escort the remaining non-combatants out of Whitewall when it was clear the fortress was going to fall. Seems a suitable job for a Vingian.

Donald Oddy

The New World Is Born On the Walls On Whitewall. Come the Hurricane!

The New World Can Be Healed. Whitewall Must Fall!


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