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From: Jeff Richard <richj_at_...>
Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004 12:31:09 -0800


> > No. I think it is magically important that he is not

> > and does not have any heirs. I don't know the reason yet.
> Not sure about this: A good part of Vingkot was about having

> Especially the King aspect.

        Yep. And this is something that Broyan fails to do. Like Harmast, he may have screwed up some aspects of his heroquests.          

> > Maybe he has not found his Summer and/or Winter Wife.
> Maybe he gets his Summer Wife in Esrolia?

        This is another alternative - he might try to marry one of the Esrolian queens to further his identification as a Kodigvari. I'm imagining that Broyan is trying to work through the Vingkotling myths backwords - starting with the Hidden Kings, then restoring the Kodigvari, then reestablishing the Kingdom of the Vingkotlings. He dies before he even accomplishes step two.         


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