Re: Broyan's family

From: John Hughes <john.hughes_at_...>
Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 10:27:52 +1100

Initial thought: Scratch any Heortling hero and you find a kinship network. Doubly so for a man on the move like Broyan: for tanists aiming for High King, marriage alliance is part of the toolkit.

I'd like to have a few of Broyan's younger brothers involved in the siege, if only so we can kill 'em off at existential moments. 'Cept for young Danwyr of course: he absconded with half the family jewels back in '14, and was last heard of via a postcard from the pleasure palace at Karse.

And sisters' husbands who are all probably chiefs and petty kings, involved in all this but not necessarily liking it. Part of the King's Household perhaps?

Broyan's wives. Let take a slasher to stereotypes here. Hows about: he's had a succession of year wives, some of whom have borne him children, and who are still part of the King's Household. His current wife is a part of a key alliance deal, and there's no love lost between them. She's TERRIFYING though, gives dishthanes heart attacks and runs the King's Household like an ogress. Lets call her the Hearthmistress, cause Questlines is down for some reason and I can't get to the Heortling Name Generator.

And Broyan should have a current girlfriend, a self opinionated hero-type advisor who can make full use of executive access. Not Kallyr, obviously, she doesn't swing that way. ('Neither wedded nor bedded' by anyone less than a god. Pure class.)



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