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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 01:58:37 GMT

In message <76A70B6DD07A2647A5D0DE90DDB1BA1B02D7FD6D_at_...> "Jeff Richard" writes:
>John, Ian -

>> If Whitewall becomes a feint to tie up military resources, who or what is
>> it covering for? Whitebull? Kallyr's Sartar preparations? The Cradle?
>I don't think it is a feint for the Orlanthi - it is a way out of the trap.

I rather suspect by 1621 the Orlanthi are proud of the fact they have held off the Lunar army for so long and there's quite a bit of "How can we get another one over those plonkers?" Stupidity isn't restricted to the Lunars and macho stupidity seems very Orlanthi.

>> And at least someone in the Lunar command might intuite the real game.
>Our Cassandra-esque Buseri does. I'm sure of it!

Probably, but politics has long since taken charge - Whitewall *will* fall and Orlanth *will* die. Tatius couldn't change course if he wanted to. In any case Lunar propaganda will just call them cowards who's promises of fighting to the end were just so much wind.

It wouldn't be the first military action which carried on long past any useful purpose because the leaders were convinced by TINA (there is no alternative).

Donald Oddy

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