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Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 10:10:43 -0000


>>Maybe, or is Broyan suggesting that they no longer 'live' in
>>Whitewall but in their short world. So they can still be on the
>>walls by day, fighting the odd duel to convice the Lunars they are
>>still there but Whitewall is not their fortress - the other side is.
>>As the last of the defenders who cannot gain access that short world
>>leave they may increasingly spend more time there. So 1621 becomes
>>more of a date at which the mass of defenders becomes the final few.

> This has been my initial response as well. It would mean that the
> task of getting out the civilians and lower level volunteers becomes
> a much earlier priority - possibly Kallyr's major mission in her
> Vinga Hearthguard role - which seems to pop into her head every
> third or fourth clayday. If we're lucky. :)

Pretty much my idea for this, too.

I'm not sure this has to be a Short World, though - this could as well be a valid otherworld's backside.

OTOH, creating your own short world for survival is a much needed skill in future Heortland, floods and all...

> As the magical bombardment increases in those final seasons, short
> worlds or godtime refuges become very essential bomb shelters.

Yes, but are they bullet-proof, or does the assault leak over?

The latter has potential for more drama.

> And the defence becomes as much a strategic pantomime - 'we're
> here, we're dangerous. we're not going anywhere', come and
> get us', as a defensive action.

And Tatius spends huge amounts of magic doing so.

This pretty much explains his reticence in using magic against Broyan during the Esrolian campaign...

> If Whitewall becomes a feint to tie up military resources, who or
> what is it covering for? Whitebull? Kallyr's Sartar preparations?
> The Cradle?

This has a very Desert Storm feeling, with expensive cruise missiles blowing up cardboard Scud ramps.

I don't think that the Dragonrise project is high on the Agenda, yet. Tatius hasn't even started at New Wind Temple.

IMO Kallyr has no hand at all in the Praxian events.

The 1624 Humakti deathrush to kill Temertain might have been prepared.

If the rebels really knew what was going on, they'd attempt to stockpile food for the Greater Darkness. As in taking Lunar tax caravans...

> And at least someone in the Lunar command might intuite the
> real game.

My vote is for Fazzur. He is the guy who does all the militarily and diplomatically sensible stuff anyway, until he is recalled in 1622.

You know, my initial feeling about Tatius succeeding Fazzur was that he was promoted for a glorious military debacle. Now it shines through that it was somewhat a magical debacle, too...

Recalling Fazzur effectively strips the Lunar Command of common sense, since Fazzur manages to extract his supporters, too. Or rather Tatius doesn't trust them and removes them from any key positions.

To pacify the King of Tarsh, Tatius promotes Prince Orontes to the Lunar governor of Refuge...

> What's their response, apart from the already suggested heroquest
> cooptions and mythic interventions? List Lunars, we need you!

If you go for my Fazzur suggestion, his response is going for an independent Lunar kingdom outside of the Empire. Hence the Fazzurites inviting the Sartarites to take Furthest...

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