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Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 07:56:32 +0000 (GMT)

> Sounds good to me. I'm happy with you and John
> defining Kallyr.

Not just us: I had Dave Dunham in on the original family tree and time-line, checking me before it went out in Enclosure.          

> And not so distant. I assume the Lunars killed all
> the obvious
> descendants - sons, daughters, grandsons and
> granddaughters. Especially
> those descended from Tarkalor. Kallyr's connection
> is pretty darn
> tenuous - from a branch of the family that has been
> out of power for
> more than forty years before Boldhome fell.

Not quite that tenuous when you realise that her father Loricon was the blood son of Rastoron, but after his death, adopted (eldest) son of Terasarin. OK, so Loricon then married out of the blood line and into the Kheldon (if you thought Kallyr was stubborn you should have met her mother and grandmother). But Terasarin didn't approve of this and kept trying to get him back again, so for quite a bit of Kallyr's childhood she's the eldest grandchild of the Prince. And the subject of many arguments. I think the first time she challenged Terasarin to a duel over her dad's honour, she was about six...            

> > > even prior to 1613, she loudly boasted of her
> > > descent from the House of Sartar.
> > If she was trying to make herself Prince of
> Sartar, this would make sense.

> Or trying to get respect from powerful and
> established kings
> like Kallai or Hofstaring Treeleaper (hundred-year
> old heroquester).
> Kallyr's connection with the House of Sartar was
> enough to establish
> primacy amongst these more powerful kings

And Minaryth... you know, there must have been more to her than a bloodline, and ability to hit things, and a lack of ability at tactics or tact. That's some very powerful people, some of them with good judgement. Can you see them following Temertain?   

> The Colymar exiles have to be in the Bat-Blat.

Just how many people is there room for on the Bat? I know it's big, but...!

> Leika's association with the Bat-Blat
> makes her the
> indisputed hero for all the Colymar discontented
> with Kangarl

Good point.

>>> Kangarl ...

> > > also knows Kallyr's tactics and fighting
> techniques
> > (well, as they were in 1613)
> This is a fair point. Kallyr has probably picked up
> a few new tricks before 1619

I hope so. She's had six years, and that's a LONG time. My timeline and the new one both leave her activities in this period a bit vague. What do we need to put in here, and what needs tying down?

> > How does Leika feel about Kangarl?

> I think she hates him. And would kill him if she had
> the chance.

How would she feel about someone else on the defenders side killing him?

Jane Williams                                   

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